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FUE Annual Employment Fair 2012

May 13th, 2012 was a day that Future University in Egypt witnessed a success of a hard work that started six months before. More than 80 multinational and National Companies participated in FUE Annual Employment Fair sharing their experience, time, and support to the students of Future University.  The special ingredient of the event was that FUE did not plan the event to be exclusive to FUE students but it was open to the public as well.

The event started as soon as His Excellency, Cairo Governor Dr. Abdel Kawy Khaleefa, His Excellency, the General Secretary of Higher education and Supreme Council Dr. Ashraf Hatem and His Excellency, the Kuwait Ambassador to Arab Republic of Egypt  Rasheed El Hamad arrived to FUE campus. The ceremony started with a Speech by the University president Prof. Ebada Sarhan followed by a speech by Prof. Anthony Perzigian the Board of Trustees Chair Advisor for Quality Assurance and Academic Affairs. Right after that Their Excellencies the Kuwait Ambassador, the General Secretary of Higher Education and supreme council and the Cairo Governor gave a word to FUE.

As part of FUE continuous support to the academic researches and support to the extinguish researchers, FUE had their annual awarding ceremony to the best research from all six faculties. After the awarding ceremony elapsed with cheers, smiles and the sights of proud in the eyes of the young researchers; the FUE president took a tour around the expaordinary tent that was designed elegantly to meet the company representatives and welcome them to FUE.

The flow of attendees never stopped and increased by every minute. The FUE students and the outsiders were all impressed to find that FUE was very keen to cover all majors efficiently. FUE team knew that at this time our counpy is in deep need of all the support it can get from us, therefore they made sure that the participating companies had something to offer to any candidate that is applying whether he is a student at FUE or a candidate attending the fair.


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