Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Polices and work standards

Rules and conduct

Communicating with your supervisor:

If the employee has any questions about his/her duties and responsibilities, it is important to discuss them with his/her immediate supervisor. It is the responsibility of the employee to ask questions, and develop a thorough understanding of goals, policies and procedures.

Employee Records and Information:

The Department of Human Resources maintains a record of each FUE employee. The record includes information such as academic degree/s, professional experience, work performance and progress reports. These records are kept in the FUE Information System which is carefully reviewed when an employee is being considered for a promotion, a salary increase or a transfer.

Because the FUE Information System contains personal data, as well as employment information, it is treated as confidential and information is released only with a written permission from the employee.

Position Classification System:

FUE wages and salary plans utilize a classification system which ranks each job according to a scale based on its description. Each position is classified at the appropriate salary grade level. Job analysis takes into consideration requirements such as needed expertise, problem solving skills, ability, organizational breadth, accountability, training and experience; based on the results of this evaluation,. These evaluations are reviewed on a yearly basis, in order to upgrade salary scheme according to evaluation forms approved by the immediate supervisor.

Dress Code:

All employees should dress in a manner that is consistent with a professional business environment. A formal dress code is requested or smart casual for junior positions.

Working Hours:

The University generally maintains a maximum of 48 hours/week working schedule. Workdays are from Saturday to Thursday. Any extra working days or hours are set by individual departments to address their own operational and service needs. The University has the right to either change or revise its schedule of working hours according to working conditions within the limits set by the labor law.

Meal Periods:

The University provides a meal break of 30-40 minutes based on individual departmental needs.