Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Polices and work standards

Employment Policies and Work Standards

Employee Orientation:

HR gives an Orientation Session to all newly hired FUE employees. The session comprises, but is not limited to, information about the University's history, policies, saengineeringy measures, security, employee benefits as well as a briefing about the university's philosophy of service.

University Identification cards:

New employees are issued a photo ID card. This card is a University property and must be returned upon termination of employment.

Job Performance:

The University has a three-month probation period for newly hired employees. During this period, a supervisor closely monitors performance to determine whether an employee has the skills, job knowledge, attitude and work habits, etc.… that qualify him/her to fulfill the duties of the position.

Performance Evaluation Programs:

The University’s Performance Evaluation Program comprises periodic appraisals of the employees’ performance. This Program is designed to support continual work improvement,
to encourage and improve work performance as well as identify training needs.

The Appraisal Instrument focuses on areas such as customer service, job skills, knowledge, teamwork and overall performance. Additional performance measures such as communication skills, supervisory and analytical skills are included for employees in managerial supervisory levels.