Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Welcome to FUE Human Resources Department

FUE’s Human Resources Department believes that people make a place. HR handles the affairs that relate to the Universities academic and non-academic employees. Apart from attracting and maintaining high caliber employees, HR develops policies and procedures in accordance with Egyptian laws. Policies include a variety of employee benefits such as medical insurance, life insurance, banking services, transportation,  professional development opportunities in coordination with the Department of Continuing Education. To support these functions, FUE’s HR stays up to date with the latest available employee benefit plans and implements the top standards and policies that serve the welfare of FUE’s employees. Additionally, HR has a role in providing our graduating students with the best feasible job opportunities. This is evident in HR’s role in attracting the top leading companies in Egypt to participate in the University’s Annual Employment Fair.

HR initiatives and activities are based on values that ensure and promote equality, integrity, respect and a commitment to provide high quality professional standards across the University.