Future University In Egypt (FUE)

Candidate Required Documents

Required Documents

HR Department screen applications to see if the applicants meet the specified qualifications and other requirements of the post. Suitable candidates are then shortlisted for subsequent interview. Whenever a candidate is accepted, a list of required documents is requested for hiring process: 

Egyptian employees:

  • Original birth certificate or extract of an official. 
  • Educational certificates. 
  • Six recent photos. 
  • A photo of ID card. 
  • Detailed C.V. 
  • Previous experience accompanied by certificates of origin experience. 
  • Military status certificate for males. 
  • Form of previous social insurance from previous employer. 
  • Document of fingerprint. 
  • Labor Law registration form. 

Non Egyptian Employees:

  • Work Permit. 
  • Passport copy. 
  • HIV test certificate (negative) as per Egyptian regulations. 
  • Academic certificates and updated transcripts. 
  • Previous experience certificates. 
  • Six recent photos.