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Employment Fair 2021

National Bank of Egypt

National Bank of Egypt NBE is the first and largest commercial bank in the Egyptian banking sector. It was established on June 25, 1898 with a Paid-up capital of L.E 28.65 billion & Issued Capital of L.E 50 billion. It has the largest widespread network of more than 500 branches and outlets. Moreover, it captures the largest ATM network of more than 4400 terminals (works 24/7). Those terminals provide a variety of services like withdrawing, cashing salaries, payments, invoices, donations and inquiry about account balances. This network also includes terminals accepting cash deposits, in addition to POS (Point of Sale) terminal. NBE employs more than 20,000 employees with a high and distinguished banking skills.

Since its inception, over 121 years ago, NBE has played a great role in the banking sector, by assuming the role of CBE in addition to its customary banking services as a commercial bank till 1950. After the nationalization of NBE on February 1960, the bank acted as a pure commercial bank besides carrying out the functions of the central bank in the areas where the latter had no branches.
NBE enjoys a substantial international rank, as reflected through its presence in the British capital London (NBE United Kingdom Limited) and the Republic of The Sudan via NBE Khartoum Branch. Furthermore, NBE is spanning through its branches in New York – USA & Shanghai – China. NBE also has representative offices in Johannesburg – South Africa, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia and Dubai – United Arab Emirates (UAE).
It is worth noting that NBE has the highest financial results in the Egyptian banking market.
Nowadays, NBE is one of the largest Egyptian banks and economic entities participating in social services, because it occupies the first rank in such pivotal spheres with a positive response to the medical, educational and economic requirements of the Egyptian citizen. This is indicated through the Bank's participations during the last six years which exceeded EGP 6 billion., these participations were mainly focused on supporting medical and educational sectors, the empowerment of women, supporting people with special needs as well as developing and combating poverty.


- Summer Internship
Students from 1st to 3rd year that are seeking experience in a new and challenging environment.

- Graduates Program
NBE 3 months’ graduate program aims to prepare 2020 university graduates to face market challenges and to head start their careers.

- Fresh Graduates
Fresh graduates from 2016 to 2019 that are looking forward to start and build their banking career in a leading organization in the banking sector.

- Experienced
Future leaders who have 5+ years of experience that are interested to enhance their careers and improve their working experience.

Working Conditions

Available Majors
Commerce, Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Economics

Application Procedure
Company Contact Information:

Address:1187, Nile Cornish, National Bank Tower, Cairo Plaza.
Fax: 223971037